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The UF Legacy Society


The UF Legacy Society honors the munificent alumni, friends and parents who build their legacies through planned gifts and remembrances of UF in their estate plans. Our donors are honorary humanitarians selflessly invested in UF's excellence and that of future generations. Thanks to them the University of Florida continues to be amongst the best universities in the nation and we only continue to supersede.

Captain HammIn 1918 the University of Florida received its first planned gift-being designated as a beneficiary for Captain Hamm's life insurance. This exceptional man set the foundation for a tradition that would remain alive for years to come.

From that day on, UF's alumni, parents and friends shared a special bond: a belief in UF and the transformative power of philanthropy. These philanthropists actively decide the opportunities they want to provide to others being anything from a scholarship to lifelong research. Giving doesn't mean leaving yourself behind. By giving to others you can also help yourselves stabilize your own financial futures depending on your planned gift.

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